Photographer & Designer

About Me

I spent many of my younger years experimenting and mastering different crafts. It was not until I reached High School that I discovered I had a talent for photography. Through the years I dabbled with traditional photography shooting and developing. I spent most years photographing my children and pets. As computers advanced so did my skills. I experimented with digital art and graphics creating letter heads and business cards for friends and local businesses. At that time in my life I had not looked at my skills as a professional possibility.

Companies I’ve worked with include; The Poetic justice Project, William F. McCullough Law office, The Vandenberg American Legion Post 125, The Sons Of The American Legion Unit 125,Yellow Pages,, The Lompoc Record, The Lompoc Junior Football league, Stealth Concealment Solutions Inc, Lompoc City Council Political Representatives, The Santa Barbara News Press, The Santa Maria Times, The Lompoc Vision, Allan Hancock College The Harvest Book, Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building Book

Software Knowledge; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere pro, WordPress, Logic Pro, Pinnacle Studios, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, CSS, HTML, Mac, PC

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Photography & Design

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